Which transportation methods are suitable for which goods?

In the global supply chain, selecting the appropriate transportation method for different types of goods is crucial for ensuring efficient and cost-effective logistics operations. Each type of product has unique characteristics and requirements that must be considered when determining the optimal transportation method. This article provides insights into choosing

The impact of climate change on international transportation

Climate change is a global phenomenon that is significantly impacting various aspects of our lives, including international transportation. As the Earth’s climate continues to change, the transportation industry faces new challenges and opportunities in mitigating its environmental footprint. This article explores the impact of climate change on international transportation

most famous seaports worldwide

Port of Shanghai, China: With over 35 million tons of cargo throughput, the Port of Shanghai is the largest seaport globally. Located in the East China Sea, it is recognized as a major international trade and export hub for China. 2. Port of Singapore: Situated on the island of

Tracking and Monitoring of Maritime Cargo

Tracking and monitoring of maritime cargo play a vital role in ensuring transparency, security, and efficient logistics operations. Here is a brief overview of the topic: Global Container Tracking Systems: Discuss the use of advanced tracking systems, such as GPS (Global Positioning System) and AIS (Automatic Identification System), to

Stages of Maritime Container Transportation

1. Booking: The initial stage where the shipper or freight forwarder reserves space on a vessel to transport the containerized cargo. 2. Container Packing: The process of properly packing the cargo into containers, ensuring it is secured and protected for the duration of the journey. 3. Origin Haulage: The

What Types of Cargo are Transported by Air?

Air cargo transports over US $6 trillion worth of goods annually, accounting for approximately 35% of world trade by value;  during the COVID-19 pandemic, air cargo represented one-third of airlines’ revenue. Recently, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) released July 2022 data for global air cargo markets showing that

Brokers, forwarders adjust course as market softens

Descartes survey shows 70% still operating at 3% or better profit margin A decline in freight volumes, geopolitical concerns and cost inflation were top of mind for customs brokers and freight forwarders, according to Descartes’ eighth annual benchmark survey. Of the 272 participants polled by the supply chain software-as-a-service

Limitations for shipping dangerous goods

While some dangerous goods are too dangerous for transport by air except under very detailed allowance by the civil aviation authority, many can only be transported on cargo-only aircraft, and others can be transported on both cargo and passenger aircraft. No matter which type of aircraft the dangerous goods