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road freight agent iran , The main advantage of  transport freight  is the wide variety of routes to reach the delivery point, allowing greater flexibility when having to alter the route initially chosen due to external causes, such as an accident or a hold-up.

In addition, it is one of the safest options since it does not require a transshipment of the goods, being able to provide a direct route service from origin to destination.

In the road transport modality, we carry out operations with almost any type of goods.

Our team of transportation give customers the peace-of-mind knowing their products are in good hands and will get to the destination undamaged and on time. We offer Over the Road (OTR) shipments, FTL, LTL, FCL & LCL To Europe, Asia & CIS region.

FTL means Full Truckload, which refers to shipments that require an entire truck for transporting larger loads on pallets. FTL transport is the ideal solution for those who wish to transport 10 pallets or more, quickly, without sharing the space in the vehicle with other shippers.

FTL shipping may be a cheaper solution for moving larger loads that fill up the entire space or almost all of the truck. However, if your loads only take up half or part of the truck, a shared truck (LTL) transport may be a cheaper solution, since then you will only pay for the space you require. The rest will be filled with cargo from other shippers.

The main benefits of transporting your shipment via FTL are speed, safety and comfort. Since you will not have to share the space of the truck with anyone else, the FTL carrier will transport your load directly from collection to delivery, in the shortest time possible without unnecessary diversions.

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