L O T U S - M A R I N E

A Norwegian project to develop a new generation of zero-emission bulk cargo ships is proceeding with the finalization of elements of the design and awarding of an Approval in Principle from DNV. The classification society reviewed the designs for a modularized bulk cargo ship propulsion system fueled with alkaline fuel cells and green ammonia. According to the participants, they believe that the project is “opening the door to the use of green ammonia to decarbonize the maritime market.”

The project is being sponsored by the Norwegian government as part of its efforts to support the development of a new generation of coastal vessels. A competition was launched with the government highlighting that to meet the 2030 decarbonization targets for the shipping industry, Norway alone is expected to require 1,100 zero or low emission ships, including 450 bulk carrier cargo ships. In the spring of 2021, it was announced that 31 shipowners had bid on the project and that a winning concept had been selected.

That concept envisioned combining wind energy with a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine. The vessel, which they said would operate mostly in the North Sea, was also to be fitted with two wind rotor sails located fore and aft. The rotors appear to be altered in later designs.

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