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Ship transport is a part of trade that is done by large cargo ships with special equipment and features. Providing efficient and useful services in this type of transportation will play an effective role in successful international trade.

Also, 90% of each country’s international trade in freight is devoted to ship transport.

There are four ways for merchants and traders to transport goods internationally; Sea transport, land transport (road), rail transport and air transport. One of the best ways to transport goods internationally is by sea. Any transport of goods by ship, boat, float and other vessels on the sea, lakes, canals and rivers is called ship freighting transport.

Goods shipped by sea usually have a large volume and weight. The long shipping time is often not justified for the passenger.

It is good to know that most ships in the oceans or seas move goods.

Each cargo is transported by a specific type of cargo ship according to its transport conditions.

On the other hand, in some cases, the geographical characteristics of the country make it impossible for goods and passengers to enter, because access to open waters is not possible in all countries. But with all these cases, sea transportation is the most important type of transportation and a high percentage of world trade thus reaches the transportation destinations.

However, when it comes to ship transport, which are even equipped with special features to carry various goods, come to mind. Many ports and port facilities and specialized equipment have been developed to perform this type of transportation with confidence and high speed, especially during unloading and loading.

This method is an integral part of trade and transportation industry, so that shipping services are one of the most effective methods in international trade.

The issue of ship transport has a special place compared to other methods of transportation due to its impact on the cost price of goods in countries.



ship transport
sea transport


Advantages of sea transport


International sea transport is the most efficient way to move goods internationally and is responsible for the largest annual transportation of goods in the world. This method has many advantages over other modes of transportation. Including the possibility of moving a large volume of cargo in each ship, which is one of the most important features of ship freight. Today, with huge ships designed to carry cargo, the cargo capacity by ship is much higher than before, and each mega ship is capable of carrying approximately thousands of containers.

In addition, the relative cheapness of ship transport is another advantage of this method of transportation. If the amount of cargo is high, ship transport is safer than other modes of transportation due to the integrated movement of cargo, both economically and safely. Another advantage of shipping is the ability to move large volumes of cargo. You can hardly carry very large loads on land vehicles or trains and planes, but these loads can be easily moved by sea.


Disadvantages of ship transport


We have already mentioned the benefits of sea transportation. The only disadvantage of ship transport is the long transfer time by this method. Sea freight transport takes longer than land and air transport, part of which is related to climate change that affects the movement of ships, and part of which is related to the ship’s itinerary and the route that ships take to They transfer goods.


This method is considered to be the best method if there is no rush in the transfer of goods. For the transportation of cargo by sea, most goods are loaded in containers, so that in addition to the possibility of easy transportation, they are also safe from any damage.


There are different types of sea transport, one of which is direct sea transport, in this method, after loading, the goods are transported from the port of origin without changing the ship or container and stopping at the destination port.


In direct shipping, shipping costs are much lower and also in terms of freight time or transit time is much shorter than other shipping methods (indirect method).

Indirect methods like:


Cross stuffing:

This method is used in ship transport when it is not possible to send the goods directly to the destination ports, in other words, there is no direct service from the port of origin to the port of destination or the customer requests a change of documents. In this case, the goods from the port of origin To the intermediate port, for example: from the port of Navashiva / India to the port of Jabal Ali / UAE, where the container containing the cargo is unloaded from the ship and then loaded on another ship, then moves to the port of destination.



Ship freight transportation by transshipment method is the transportation of goods by changing the type of carrier of goods, for ports from which it is not possible to transport goods by sea directly. In this method, ship transport often unloads and reloads goods. It is done in the port and loading is done in the dry port in the truck.


Ship charter transportation:

Transportation of goods that are in bulk and bulky or do not have special packaging such as wheat, sugar, rebars, etc … (so-called DRY BULK) is done by ships with high load capacity, which is usually the owner of the goods or His representative sends the ship rental request and ship charter information to the people who work in the field of ship rental or Time Charter of the ship.

The point that may be interesting to you is that in sea freight, there is another way to transport merchants’ goods jointly. When the shipping container is not only at your disposal and your cargo and others are transported jointly in one container, the so-called group shipment is done.


Groupage shipping is economical and cost-effective for goods such as mobile phones, CCTV cameras, and other electronic equipment, which is usually less than the space of a container, and reduces shipping costs due to fragmentation.


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