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Cargo freight transportation is one of the oldest ways of moving goods in the world, which in terms of price and speed, is suitable for transporting many shipments. There is a road, and therefore to meet the needs of customers who use cargo transportation of goods and transit, various services are provided by international transport companies.

International transport is the movement of people or goods between several countries. In international cargo transport, trucks and trailers, buses, trucks and minibuses are used to transport people or goods.

In cargo transportation, the type of goods, the distance from origin to destination, the scale of goods, domestic transportation and overseas transportation will be effective factors in determining transportation costs and cargo handling.

And the last case of rail transport. Rail transport does not play a big role in international trade, but some goods can still be shipped to other countries.


Cargo freight

It is quite common for trucks and trailers to transport goods by land using land or rail fleets. For many years, most of the country’s shipments from Turkey and Europe to various destinations such as CIS countries are transported this way.

One of the important points in cargo transportation is the issuance of the bill of lading and its importance, which includes the specifications and address of the sender, the origin of sending the details and address of the recipient, the number and size and weight and type of goods, the destination and the cost of freight .

The number of copies of the bill of lading must be at least three copies, which are given to the sender, consignee and the carrier, and must be signed by both parties.

One of the advantages of road transport is the need for less capital. These services can also be Door To Door, which means that goods and cargo are transported door to door or from warehouse to warehouse. In addition, this method does not need to be unloaded by port cranes and does not pose a risk of storms and rains during sea transportation. Cargo transportation is a convenient and safe solution for most shipments.


Advantages and disadvantages of cargo transportation

Due to rising costs and people trying to pay less, one of the best ways to transport is by land. This type of transportation has advantages. You do not need a lot of capital to use cargo transportation, and transportation can be done with a small amount of capital. Individuals can also door-to-door, meaning they pick up and load goods from the warehouse and move and unload to the destination warehouse. In this method, there is no need to unload cargo by port cranes and the risks of storms compared to other methods, do not threaten ground transportation. This shipping is a convenient and cost-effective solution for most products.

In addition to the advantages of cargo transportation, it also has disadvantages that can not be ignored. One of the disadvantages of this method of transportation is the speed of cargo transportation. Depending on the condition of the roads and the weather conditions and accidents, cargo transport can be examined more closely. Although this type can be used at a low cost, lack of organization and disorder can lead to a loss of investment.


rail transport
Railroad transportation


Railroad transportation


Rail transport is a reliable way to transport a variety of goods and goods in high volumes. Due to the long and bulky cabins, the type of which is determined by the type of cargo, trains can move many goods safely and quickly through rail lines. Rail transport companies, railways, bill of lading, tickets, customers and authorized agencies are involved in this area.

Rail transit involves the transportation of goods by rail, domestically or internationally. Transit of cargo by rail will be possible only by concluding a contract and issuing a bill of lading in which the company will be responsible for transporting the customer’s goods.

International freight transport by rail requires the cooperation of two or more countries with the necessary infrastructure. By providing rail transportation facilities, a large part of international transit can be allocated to the country. The United States, Russia and China are leaders in this area.


The advantage of rail transport


Rail transport in cities and suburbs is the safest and most environmentally safe mode of transport. One of the goals of rail transport is to transfer and increase cargo from 34 million tons to 91 million tons and to transport 43 million passengers next year.

Many of the people killed in the railways are people who unfortunately violate the railways.

One of the main axes of the road safety map; Reduce axial vehicle and move towards rail based. In rail transport, the frequency of rail accidents is usually low, but the severity of the impact is very high in terms of cost and credit.


Cargo transport rules abroad

International transport means that goods and cargo will be shipped to a destination abroad. Shipping abroad is for people who want to send their goods abroad. This type of transportation is divided into two categories.


Cargo: Cargo is the service of packing and sending goods abroad, which is used by merchants and traders.

Freight: Freight is the process of packing and sending freight abroad, which is used by people who intend to send their home furniture abroad.

Shipping abroad by land is usually done to send cargo to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Armenia, Iraq. Traders who want to pay less for their freight can also use this method. But this method is not suitable for people who are in a hurry to send cargo to the destination, and air delivery is a better option for them.

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