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Air freight is always one of the most vital types of freight in the world, because the transport of perishable goods, AOG goods, pharmaceutical goods that must be transported as soon as possible by the air transport service.

Air freight or commercial cargo is sent by special aircraft from one country to another. This type of transportation has a large share in the trade activity of countries, so that most people consider it as one of the indicators of economic growth.

Therefore, the development of this transportation industry will lead to the expansion of economic activities and increase the level of employment in society, as well as the development of tourism. Today, with the advancement of technology and the development of transportation, air transportation services play a leading role.

In fact, the type of air transit is determined based on three important factors: volume of goods, delivery time and price, but none of them is superior to the other; However, it can be said that each of them is used depending on the needs of the people and provides the possibility of easy movement of goods. In principle, knowing the characteristics of these methods, you should choose the best option for transporting your goods.

In addition to transport characteristics, costs, value of goods transported, as well as their size and weight should be evaluated; So that if the product is gold or cash, you should choose the safest method of air transportation.

Airplanes are a safe means of transportation and also offer more benefits for cargo transportation. Although it costs more, transporting goods over long distances in the shortest possible time has made it very valuable.

If you are looking for the shortest possible time to transport your goods, international air transport is the best solution for you.

There are several methods for air transportation, which we will explain in the following text;

Air freight
Air freight is always one of the most vital types of freight in the world

Charter flight (both passenger and freight)

When all the seats on an airplane are given to an airline, it is called a charter flight. This flight is often used for busy routes to be able to book tickets at any time of the route. In this method of transportation, it chooses the shortest routes so that you do not get into air traffic.

Commercial flight (for cargo)

One of the methods of air transport for transporting goods is commercial flight. Transportation of goods is done by Freight and Cargo methods, which is cost-effective in terms of cargo. In the cargo method, the goods are transported in groups and people can send their cargo to the destination along with other shipments. This method is performed in accordance with safety standards and by special cargo aircraft.

The Freight method is for transporting goods of passengers who intend to travel for a long time and is not commercial. Most aircraft can carry goods by Freight.


Of course, this method of transportation, like all other methods, has a number of advantages and disadvantages that we will mention here.

Advantages of air freight:

  1. The most important advantage of air transport is its speed, which distinguishes air transport from other methods of transportation.
  2. Another advantage of this method is load safety and security. There is not much damage to the cargo inside the airplane.

Disadvantages of air freight:

  1. One of the biggest disadvantages of this method that makes companies less under the burden of this method is the high cost of this method. That’s why people prefer to use other methods to transport their goods.
  2. Another problem with this method is that it is not possible to transport any goods by plane. Medium-sized, lightweight goods are portable by airplane.
  3. This method is also often used for emergency and essential products that are short of time.


A variety of goods in air transport

Normal loads

Loads such as envelopes, books and magazines, personal items other than cosmetics, home appliances other than fragile items, factory plastic products, construction supplies, spare parts, tools, handicrafts, electrical appliances such as televisions, computers, etc. All are considered normal loads.

Perishable loads

Loads that in the absence of some conditions can be corrupted. Dairy products, summer vegetables and vegetables, meats, etc. that should be placed in cold environments.

Volumetric and light loads

Sometimes the volume of products is large but light in weight.

Dangerous loads

Some charges such as explosives, flammable gases, infectious substances, acids, flammable liquids, radioactive materials, etc., which must be done in special packaging and according to strict rules.


What are dangerous goods in air transport?

Dangerous goods are any substance or substance that, if not used and properly packaged, could endanger health, safety, property or the environment. Dangerous goods have nine classes, and knowing where your goods are located will give you a clearer picture of how they are packaged, labeled and transported.

After receiving the weighing sheet, the customs assessor inspects the cargo according to the customs rules. If not prohibited, the load will be transferred to the packing unit. It should be noted that some of these prohibitions are mentioned in the customs declaration form and some goods also need some special permits for export.


In this article, we introduced you to different types of aviation and provided useful information in this field. Air transport is very popular due to the high speed of transit of goods and many people prefer this method to other methods. If you want to send your goods to different parts of the world, you can do it through air freight companies.

We rely on the principle of meeting the requirements of all customers, both in size and type, and the continuous effort to create new global partnerships.


Why air transportation?


One of the most important reasons for using this method of transportation is the transfer speed and greater security of the consignment when moving goods. The average speed of air travel is approximately 800 km / h or 497 mph; Therefore, it is a good option for transporting goods with short shelf life, such as agricultural products and food. In addition, exports and imports by air are the fastest way to transport goods to the target countries.