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Evergreen splashes out on 24,000TEU ships and more containers

Taiwanese liner operator Evergreen Marine Corporation has extended its spree on newbuildings and containers, as its profit continues to climb amid firming freight rates.On 5th of November, Evergreen unveiled orders for a pair of 24,000TEU ships from Jiangnan Shipyard.Priced between US$140 million to US$160 million each, the newbuildings are

Vessels Value Report: 2021 Port Congestion

Vessel and port congestion levels in 2021 so far have been unprecedented, significantly impacting capacity in the Container and Bulker sectors and disrupting global supply chains. Global shipping congestion in 2021 has been profound in many ways. From Covid-19 related port disruptions, the continuation of the China/Australia Trade war

Suez Canal Authority to increase transit tolls by 6%

Suez Canal Authority (SCA) has published new resolutions concerning the fees of the transiting ships through the canal and new marketing strategies that will be applied during the next year. In particular, Admiral Osama Rabea, Chairman of the SCA announced on 4th of November that the authority will increase

LCL market

LCL Market

LCL market efficiency boosted by stratospheric rate costs, say forwarders As freight forwarders gathered in a plush London hotel yesterday, the talk at the London Freight Club annual bash was that soaring rates had pushed NVOCCs to make certain that containers were full. In the past NVOCCs and freight

Devastating Explosion At The Port Of Beirut In Lebanon

ast year’s devastating explosion at the port of Beirut in Lebanon on August 4, 2020 has added to industry concerns over the storage of hazardous goods and concentrations of risk at ports. The explosion caused wide-scale damage to the docks and surrounding city, killing around 200 people and was

ship Ever Given

Vulnerabilities In The Supply Chain

The blocking of the Suez Canal by the container ship Ever Given in March 2021 sent shockwaves through global supply chains that are critically dependent on seaborne transport. The six-day closure of one of the world’s busiest shipping routes saw hundreds of vessels backed up, while many more were

Expo 2020 Dubai

What exactly is Expo 2020 Dubai? A complete guide

Expo 2020 Dubai will be a celebration of human brilliance and achievement. It will be an opportunity for people to connect from different corners of the world, to experience the best of art, culture, geography, science, technology, innovation and invention and to set into motion millions of new thoughts