L O T U S - M A R I N E

Suez Canal Authority (SCA) has published new resolutions concerning the fees of the transiting ships through the canal and new marketing strategies that will be applied during the next year.

In particular, Admiral Osama Rabea, Chairman of the SCA announced on 4th of November that the authority will increase the transit tolls of transiting ships through the canal by 6% during 2022 compared to the current tolls.

The additional fee that will take effect in upcoming February will be imposed on all vessels passing through the Suez Canal except cruise ships and liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships, as their tolls will remain the same.

Additionally, the Suez Canal Port Authority has announced it will apply a flexible marketing and pricing strategy taking into account the global economic conditions and its different variations, through mechanisms that include estimating the tolls of the transiting vessels.

The strategy will allow providing the navigational services for transiting through the canal which will be integrated with the navigational publications, issued and renovated by the authority, according to the immediate variables for each class of the transiting vessels.

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